Let’s Get Social!

Build Your Brand on Social Media


Let’s Get Social! Build Your Brand on Social Media contains topics about branding strategy, content creation, setting up a social media calendar, hashtags, engagement, and a little bit of introduction for paid ads because we believe that these are crucial for your business and these are crucial for social media managers to know. Probably one of the popular areas of digital marketing is social media marketing.

Almost everyone has their social media account, and connecting to your target audience became easier because of it. People are now more ready to consume a lot of content for hours. Here are the contents of the book:

  • About the Authors
  • A Note to You
  • Social Media Marketing
  • First Step: Branding
  • Choose Your Platforms
  • Brainstorm Content Topics
  • Organize Your Social Media Calendar
  • Create Your Content
  • Hashtag Research
  • Schedule Your Social Media Posts
  • Engage: Like & Comment
  • BONUS: Facebook Ads
  • Definition of Terms
  • Links & Resources

About the Authors

Sheena Yutuc

Sheena Yutuc is the CEO and Founder of Digital Priority Solutions. As a Digital Marketing Specialist of 10 years, she has vast knowledge in branding strategy, marketing funnels, social media marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing, content marketing, web designing, and paid ads marketing. She channels her inner writing skills through news, blogs, eBooks, and courses, while also providing coaching services to startup businesses. She makes sure that everyone is up to their game and sane. Sheena sure is one hella boss babe!

Sheena’s digital story started when she discovered freelance writing. Writing has always been her passion. After realizing the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and social media marketing, Sheena shifted her energy into expanding her library of skills. Since she took a marketing major back in college, she decided that her knowledge of marketing can be a great foundation for exploring more digital marketing tools. With her exceptional skills, she was employed as a Digital Marketing Manager while also offering freelance marketing services to different brands, businesses, and agencies.

Her years of experience paved the way for Digital Priority Solutions to help entrepreneurs exploring the digital space either through done-for-you marketing services or through her one-on-one coaching and online courses.

Sheena Yutuc
Tine Ferrer

Christine Ferrer

Christine “Tine” Ferrer is the COO and Co-Founder of Digital Priority Solutions. She has been in the industry for 10 years and is still continuously using her artistic gift. As a Digital Marketing Specialist, Tine focuses on the technical and design aspects of digital marketing providing her expertise with social media, SEO, branding, graphic designs, video editing, and web designs. A writer by heart, she writes eBooks, blogs, and courses.

Christine’s digital journey began with freelance writing, specifically eBooks. She expanded her knowledge by learning how Search Engine Optimization (SEO) works and integrated her graphic design skills with a deep understanding of how design can create effective campaigns and impact the brand’s identity. She took Software Development in college and decided to explore deeper into website designing. Using her skillset, she was hired as a Virtual Assistant while offering freelance graphic design and content writing to businesses.

Tine’s years of experience developed her ability to help entrepreneurs with their online presence by employing SEO techniques and using solid advertising principles to create the buzz clients need.

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